Why is Your Credit Report Important

Your Credit Report is a record of your credit repayment history compiled from different credit providers.As most lenders will check your credit information to assess your credit worthiness prior to making a decision, a good repayment history will make it easier for you to obtain credit faster and at concessionary terms.

Reviewing your credit report regularly, makes you to be aware of any incorrect information uploaded to your credit file and gives you the opportunity to correct same.

Your credit report also helps credit providers to make faster and more objective decisions. By providing credit data to its members (lending Institutions) as defined by the CRIB Act, it helps them to determine the credit worthiness of the person applying for credit. In doing this, lenders can make better lending decisions quickly and objectively.

This will also make way to a more competitive credit market amongst the credit providers. With the Bureau in place, responsible customers can expect a faster and more competitive service from the lending institutions.