Our quest towards promoting a responsible, credit-worthy society

In our quest towards promoting a responsible, credit-worthy society, CRIB maintains the credit information of over 4 million people. This up-to-date electronically -managed credit report has your entire credit history, including the repayment pattern of your loans. Lending institutions use your Report to evaluate your credit-worthiness.

In this context we recommended that you check your iReport before you apply for credit. The iReport provides the following benefits:

  • Allow you to view your credit status before the lending institution does
  • Helps you to Streamline your repayment habits
  • Eliminate erroneous data, if any, assuring an updated and accurate report
  • Helps you to monitor indirect liabilities
  • Helps you to be a disciplined borrower


You can make a request for your iReport through any bank, or directly from our Help – Desk at No 25, Sir Baron Jayathilaka Mv, Colombo 01 for a nominal fee of Rs.150/-. Please browse our “Help Desk” menu for more information.