CRIB Score Reports - Individual

The Credit Score is a number that is mathematically calculated by using an algorithm based on the data provided by the lending institution of an individual. This Credit Score is issued in the form of a report, to the person to whom such information/score relates to, upon request.

The Credit Score is a 3 digit number ranging from 250 to 900. A higher Credit Score leads to lower Credit Risk to lenders and a lower Credit Score leads to higher Credit Risk. The Credit Score is calculated using an algorithm based on the following key elements:

  • Payment behavior
  • Over indebtedness
  • Demographic details
  • Utilization of available credit
  • Inquiries
  • Guaranteed contracts
  • Dishonoured cheques
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How to apply for a report
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Steps to follow to obtain a Score Report are similar to steps followed to obtain a Self – Inquiry Credit Report (iReport) and can be obtained by either visiting the Bureau Office or submitting the Application through a Member Lending Institution.
At present, an individual who wishes to obtain his/her “iReport”, can ONLY apply for the “CRIB Score Report” from the Bureau.
The same iReport Applications Forms are used to obtain the CRIB Score Report and the fee is charged for both reports.