Self Inquiry Credit Report (iReport) - Consumer

The Credit Information Report is issued upon request of the person to whom that information relates to is known as Self Inquiry Credit Report (iReport) - Individual. This report can be requested in accordance with the provisions of the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka (CRIB) Act No 18 of 1990 (as amended by Act No 08 of 1995 and Act No 42 of 2008). This report contains both positive and negative details of all credit facilities availed by the individual from any of the authorized lending institutions.

Any Individual can obtain his/her iReport through the following methods:
  • Walk-in to the bureau office and obtain the iReport:
    To obtain his/her iReport, visit CRIB offices located at No. 25, Sir Baron Jayathilaka Mawatha, Colombo 01, during working hours Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm and submit a duly filled iReport Application Form with a valid proof of Identity [valid National Identity Card (NIC) / valid Passport or valid Driving License (Driving License should carry NIC of the individual)] along with the Fee is charged.
  • Submit the iReport Application Form via Commercial or Special Bank:
    Those who do not wish to visit \ or are unable to visit the Bureau can make a request for the individual iReport through any commercial or specialized bank islandwide and receive the iReport by registered post.
How to apply for a report
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Step 6
Approach a Member Institution branch of any Commercial or Specialized bank of the Bureau with an iReport Application Form.
Duly filled iReport Application Form [available on CRIB website or at the branch] should be submitted with copies of his/her valid National Identity Card (NIC) / valid Passport or valid Driving License [Driving License should carry NIC of the individual] to the Authorized CRIB user at the branch.
The Authorized CRIB user at the branch will need to complete the bank declaration section of the iReport Application Form and certify the copy of NIC / Passport or Driving License of the individual, as a true copy by verifying the original of the same (with the rubber stamp of bank).
The Authorized CRIB user will need to send the completed iReport Application Form along with certified NIC / Passport or Driving License and the Payment / Deposit slip to the Bureau office for processing.
Upon receiving the documents, the Bureau will process and generate an individual iReport.
The report will be sent via registered post to the mailing address given in the iReport Application Form.