Credit Information Management System

Our Credit Information Management System (CRIMS) is a state - of - the - art infrastructure implemented as part of our Modernization Project (Phase I) in the years 2006 – 2010. This system provides credit information services to its members and even the general public. The Credit Reports we offer here at CRIBS are the primary product of CRIMS, enabling our member institutions to arrive at fast and objective credit decisions.

Our main objective in investing in this state - of - the - art Credit Information Management System was to improve the quality of the credit information circulated in our credit reports. The manual process in operational areas exposed CRIB to an increased number of disputes. This challenged the very purpose of our establishment and eventually created an adverse effect upon the integrity of our services.

Thus, the internationally renown credit bureau application, CRIMS, has been of great support to us in meeting our technical and operational requirements. Equipped with the latest information security advances, we at CRIB enforce enhanced security policies and procedural guidelines at both ends in order to protect the commercially sensitive financial data stored.