Our Responsibility to You

We at CRIB are committed to provide an efficient and effective credit information service along with value – added services to our members using state – of – the – art technology. We enable quick and easy access to credit while minimising non – performing loan levels and also aim to increase Investors’ confidence of investors in the banking and finance sector.

What are the benefits of CRIB?
  • Speedy processing of credit to individuals, SMEs and corporate entities. CRIB also enables lending institutions to identify willful defaulters.
  • If previous repayments have been made dutifully, CRIB helps the lending institutions make favourable decisions when giving credit. Therefore, it is of great benefit to have your name with the CRIB.


Why is your Credit Report important?

Your Credit Report is a record of your credit repayment history compiled from different credit providers. Most lenders verify your credit information to assess your credit worthiness prior to approving your request. Therefore, a good repayment history will make it easier to obtain credit faster and at concessionary terms.

Reviewing your credit report regularly, enables you to be aware of any incorrect information uploaded to your credit file and gives you the opportunity to correct same.

Your credit report also helps credit providers to make faster and more objective decisions as it helps them determine your credit worthiness.

Further, this will make way for a more competitive credit market amongst the credit providers. With the Bureau in place, responsible customers can expect a faster and more competitive service from the lending institutions.

Our Quest towards promoting a responsible, credit worthy society

CRIB maintains the credit information of over 8 million people. This report contains your entire credit history, including the repayment pattern of your loans. Lending institutions use these details to evaluate your credit-worthiness.

We recommend you to check your iReport before you apply for a new Credit Facility. By doing so you can:
  • View your credit status before the lending institution does
  • Get help to streamline your repayment habits
  • Eliminate erroneous data, assuring an updated and accurate report
  • Monitor indirect liabilities
  • Be a disciplined borrower

You can make a request for a copy of your iReport through any bank, or directly from our Help Desk at No 25, Sir Baron Jayatilake Mawatha, Colombo 01 or apply online (through iReport online service) for a nominal fee of Rs.150/-.