Bureau Profile
Who We Are?

The Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka (CRIB), is the first Credit Bureau in the South Asian region, which was established by the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka Act No 18 of 1990 as amended by Act No. 8 of 1995 and 42 of 2008.

CRIB is an independent statutory body and a public – private partnership with the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka holding the majority of equity. The rest of the shares are divested among other shareholder members of the bureau.

For over three decades, CRIB has been one of the pillars of the sound financial infrastructure of the country and tendered its silent contribution towards the strengthening of the foundation of disciplined credit culture in Sri Lanka, ensuring the stability of the banking and financial industry as a whole. Our prime statutory objective is to uphold our legally mandated responsibilities towards CRIB shareholder member lending institutions (shareholder members) and the general public as stipulated by the CRIB Act.

We are strongly bound by our responsibility as provider of credit information services. complemented with value added services for all our users. Using state–of–the–art information and communication technology, we ensure maintaining and distribution of up to date credit information to our shareholder members. We are certain in working towards increasing investors’ confidence in banking and finance sector by improving credit bureau operational efficiency and contributing to instill disciplined credit culture, and for the advancement of social and economic wellbeing of the population. CRIB is also strongly committed to improving the skills of its employees and promoting a professional and ethical working culture and environment within the organization.

Together with our shareholders including all licensed public and private Commercial banks, specialized banks, finance companies, leasing companies and other designated member institutions, the CRIB is governed by the Board of Directors comprised of ex-officio of shareholder members and the nominated representatives from the respective member lending institution categories.

“Building a customer - friendly reservoir of credit information”

We collect, collate and disseminate credit information of all borrowers and prospective borrowers of all our shareholder member institutions.Upon request, we provide such information back to them and also to any individual or corporate to whom such information relate. Our practice explicitly ensures right to access for own personal and credit related information of all borrowers whose data we store. Application of advanced information and communication technology facilitates CRIB to offer efficient data management and process administration while ensuring highest level of data quality, confidentiality and process integrity. We at CRIB aspire to develop a suite of products and services that are intended to serve the diverse information needs of our users,and specifically those designed to improve credit and risk management practices of our shareholder member lending institutions with an aim of expanding the distribution of credit to all sectors of the economy and to the informal sector in particular

Our goal is to become a model credit bureau in the South Asia and one of the emerging credit bureaus within the Asia-Pacific region by 2025.