Disputes Resolution Process

Any discrepancy or erroneous information that appears on an iReport can be disputed by the customer. A dispute can be raised by using a Dispute Handling Form (DHF) attached to every iReport. CRIB will raise the dispute with the data reporting institution upon receiving the DHF. The Compliance Officer responsible for resolving will be informed either via email or letter as preferred by the party. Upon receiving the dispute resolution from the Compliance Officer of the reporting institution, CRIB will close the dispute and issue an amended iReport to the relevant party/ parties free of charge.

General guide line of Dispute Resolution Process
  • A dispute can only be raised by obtaining the Self-Inquiry Report (iReport).
  • A dispute raised based on the Credit Report taken by the Lending Institution, will not be accepted.
  • A dispute should always be raised based on the information appears on the iReport.
  • A dispute should always be forwarded through the standard predefined form called "Dispute Handling Form" (DHF) attaching proof of supportive documents to it.
  • A dispute cannot be raised by another party, on behalf of the iReport customer based on his iReport.
  • A dispute in a corporate iReport can only be raised by an authorized signatory (Proprietor/Partner/Director) who requested the corporate iReport.
  • The provided information in the DHF and the details of the dispute should always tally with the information of the relevant iReport.
  • The duly completed DHF should reach the Bureau office within 30 days from the date of issue of an iReport.
  • Any DHF received after 30 days from the date of issue of an iReport, will be rejected and notifying the iReport customer by the Bureau.
  • A dispute cannot be raised against non-updating of the transaction (s) relating to the current month and on credit information not appearing or to be appeared on the iReport.
  • CRIB sends the acknowledgment to the iReport customer, informing the said dispute would be forwarded to the relevant Lending Institution in due cause.
  • The minimum period of 14 days is required to resolve any dispute, as Dispute Resolution is fully depending on the feedback/action/resolution/response by the relevant Lending Institution.
  • An amended iReport will be issued free of charge once the dispute is resolved.
  • A dispute cannot be raised based on the Amended iReport.