Value-added Services

In addition to issuing of Credit Reports, CRIB offers Value Added Products and Services (VAPS) to its members. The Bureau also plans to introduce more VAPS in line with the emerging market requirements in order to enhance the efficiency of the internal Credit Risk Management Processes of lending institutions.

Bulk Request

A service offered by the Credit Information Bureau to its Member Institutions for processing their requests for Credit Reports in an offline batch mode, which would reduce their operational overheads. This service is basically used for periodic review of lending portfolios of the existing customers of a member institution.

Live Request

A service offered by the Credit Information Bureau to its Member Institutions, where the Core Banking/Loan Origination System of the Member Institution, can be seamlessly connected to CRIMS, enabling faster and more efficient Credit Decisions.



e-Alerts track the changes that take place in Credit Profiles (such as the status change of a loan, addition of new credit facilities, etc.) and alerts the other lending institutions where such borrowers are existing customers.


Bureau Score

A Bureau Score is a numerical expression based on statistical analysis of a person's credit profile, which represents the creditworthiness of the person. Lenders (CRIB's Member Institutions) can use the Bureau Score to evaluate the potential risk on lending and also to mitigate losses due to bad debts.




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