Credit Information Management System

Credit Information Management System (CRIMS) is an advanced state-of-the-art information and communication technology based system and application infrastructure, implemented by the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka as a part of its modernization project (Phase I) in 2006 – 2010. CRIMS provides credit information services to its members as well as to the general public. Credit Reports are the primary product of CRIMS, and made available to member institutions to enable them to arrive at faster and more objective credit decisions.

Key objective of this investment using its own funds was to improve the quality of the credit information disseminated by the bureau in the form of credit reports. The manual process which largely depended on human intervention in many operational areas such as updates in the database and processing of credit reports eventually exposed the CRIB to an increased volume of disputes. This growing tendency directly created an adverse impact on the integrity of the services extended by CRIB and challenged the very objective of its establishment and existence.

The acquisition of this advanced web technology and an internationally reputed credit bureau application greatly benefited CRIB to achieve other technological and operational requirements beside its core objectives that were required to operate a modern credit bureau. With the latest information security advances, the bureau could effectively enforce enhanced security policies and procedural guidelines at both ends to protect the commercially sensitive financial data stored in the CRIB.


Key features and functions introduced with the new system to improve service efficiency of the Bureau


  • Strictly controlled access to information in the data base.
  • Monitoring of user access to ensure zero abuse of online privileges and facilities
  • Access to credit records only for permissible purposes.
  • Protection against unauthorized access guaranteed with strong user credentials management
  • Automated data updates & backups
  • Encryption based secured data transmission.
  • Long term data retention and timely retrieval depend on industry needs.
  • 24x7 services availability, increase end user response time.
  • Primary mode of access through Internet.
  • Straight through processing mode for Banks to integrate internal loan processing systems with the Bureau application and the data base to improve the decisioning process. 


  • Flexibility extended to institutions to decide on access based on the organizational hierarchy.
  • Instant retrieval of statistics on access history for last 12 months free of charge.
  • Minimum set of data to be required to search a customer in the database.
  • Inclusion of diverse data elements (Extended demographic data, employment & address changes) in credit reports.
  • Availability of inquiry histories in own credit reports (a consumer can find out who accessed his/her credit information during the last 6 months and for what purpose)
  • Repayment history of each credit facility for the last 24 months
  • Inclusion of cheque return details in credit reports (under development)
  • Comprehensive billing information (user, branch and product wise categorization)
  • Periodical portfolio reviews through batch level automated processes.  





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