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The principal business of the bureau is to issue reports containing credit information to member institutions and the general public. CRIB provides credit information services through an automated “Credit Information Management System” (CRIMS). The credit information reports are basically divided into two major categories such as “Consumer” (Individual) and “Corporate” (Business). The Banks and approved financial institutions access their customers’ credit information online through the bureau website.

The credit information reports issued at the request of the general public are known as “iReports”. Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka Act No 18 of 1990 as amended by Act No 42 of 2008, the Section 7 (B) (1) (e) allows any individual or corporate entity to request for his/her/its own credit report or Self Inquiry Credit Report ( iReport ) from the bureau.

In addition to the credit information reports, the bureau provides various value added services to banks and approved financial institutions.

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