Help Desk


CRIB only provides credit information to lending institutions in order to facilitate speedy and efficient credit granting and thereby help to create a responsible, credit worthy society. We continue to improve our services to make people understand our role as an information provider. Even though the majority may understand how CRIB functions, there may be some who needs more help and better answers. As a way of showing our concern and to guide you in the right direction, we have set up a “Special Customer Help Desk”.

Our Customer Help Desk will assist you to;

  • Obtain your own credit report (iReport).
  • Check the status of the iReport applications forwarded to the bureau through your bank.
  • Check the progress of dispute resolutions raised on your iReport.
  • Discuss about the issues or discrepancies in your credit information, if any.
  • Get to know about the bureau & its services further.

Call our Help Line 0112 13 13 13 or visit our office on any working day between 9 am to 3.30 pm and we will be glad to listen to you!





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