About Us

Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka (CRIB) which is the first Credit Bureau in the South Asian region was established by the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka Act No. 18 of 1990. An initiative of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Finance, CRIB was a response to the 1980’s debt crisis in the country. The disciplining mechanism provided by a Credit Information Bureau is expected to improve the country’s overall credit culture.

CRIB is a public-private partnership, with the Central Bank holding the majority of equity while the rest is held by lending institutions regulated by the Central Bank.

CRIB currently has 94 shareholders, including all licensed Commercial banks, Specialized banks, Finance companies, Leasing companies, few other institutions which have been declared as lending institutions for the purpose of the Act and the Central Bank. The chairman of the Board is always a deputy governor of the Central Bank and the remaining board seats are shared between the lending institutions.

~Our Vision~

“Building a customer - friendly reservoir of credit information”

~Our Collective Crusade~

To collect and collate, credit and financial information on borrowers of lending institutions;

To provide credit information on request to shareholder lending institutions and simultaneously to borrowers to whom such information relate and to instil credit discipline in the financial sector;

To establish a credit-rating system in Sri Lanka; to undertake credit rating and to sell such credit ratings to any foreign and local agencies, or to any person making a request for such ratings;

To undertake research and training projects for shareholder lending institutions;

To operate a filing office of secured transactions to register the security interest of movables with a view to facilitate the distribution of credit to all sectors of the economy and to the informal sector in particular;

~Our Responsibility~

Provide an efficient and effective credit information service and other value added services to the members by using state –of-the-art technology.

Enable easy and fast access to credit while minimising non-performing loan levels.

Increase the confidence of investors in the banking and finance sector which is vital for the development of the economy and for the well-being of society.

Improve the quality of work-life of employees and develop their skills.

~Our Commitment~

  • Accuracy information  and integrity
  • Best Practices and standards in handling of information
  • Customer oriented services
  • Credibility in our operations
  • Wider access to credit across the country
  • Promoting the public to strive for good credit reputation.





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